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Glenfis will support you in the consistent and continuous implementation of your IT governance. We will provide you with advice and practical support in the design and implementation of the new strategy respectively methods until your value chain operating model and your information security management have been fully integrated into your organisation and can be managed and controlled independently by your IT team.

Value Chain Operating Model:
Implementation and integration

Defining a Target Operation Model (TOM) along the value added chain creates the foundation for the development and operation of a controlled operating environment and the sustainable, demand-driven IT service. More...

Business Relationship Management:
Implementation and integration

You would like to improve how you meet your business needs so you can deliver substantial added value? We will show your organisation how to improve the way it defines its IT capabilities which will then help to provide improved support for the strategic business plans. Working together with you, we will build the necessary functions, roles and processes so your IT can develop into a strategic partner for your company. More...

Security, Privacy & Cyber Resilience:
Implementation and integration

Development of an information security and data protection management systems with understandable IT leadership principles and clear responsibilities for guaranteeing the integrated synergy of business and compliance requirements. And consequently strengthening your organisation’s cyber resilience. More…

Value added

You gain a knowledge head start thanks to our first-hand experience and the broad knowledge of our certified and practised coaches. Moreover, you gain an understanding of the requirements of the IT market, helping your organisation to assume its own leading role in the IT sector.

Value Chain Operating Model:
Implementation and integration

The business expects IT to be delivered as an integrated service. In this context, the aim is to not only fulfil the functional requirements but also to meet the high requirements of service quality in terms of availability, security and adherence to all compliance regulations.

As a result of the changes which the new cloud and sourcing models entail, CIOs must review their existing operating model. The task is to record all influencing factors in a transformation programme in order to create a management system that meets the challenges of today and in the future.

We will support you in defining the Target Operating Model (TOM) tailored to your organisation's requirements for positioning your IT in the dimensions of governance, technology, organisation, services, employees and processes, incl. roles and areas of authority. The smooth coordination of the individual dimensions enables you to improve the orientation towards your corporate strategy, create an effective and efficient organisation with clearly defined responsibilities and improved business support, compliance, scalability and flexibility.

The integrated service offering includes:

  • Target Operation Model: Definition of the processes, functions, roles, responsibilities, skill sets in cloud and sourcing operation (e.g. Cloud Consumer, Cloud Auditor, Cloud Broker, Cloud Carrier, Cloud Provider)
  • Development, design and implementation of a Service and Integration Management Model (SIAM)
  • Development, design and implementation of the agile service management system
  • Development, design and implementation of the Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) concept
  • Support in the implementation of a Service Management System conforming to ISO20000, including scoping, selection of certification body and audit
  • Definition of a service architecture and creation of a Service Portfolio & Service Catalogue
  • Definition of Service Strategy, Service Design, Transition & Operation processes, CSI approach (Continual Service Improvement)
  • Definition of cloud & sourcing transformation objectives based on sourcing strategy
  • Coaching in the implementation of the sourcing governance framework
  • Support for the sourcing roadmap, creation of a business case and handling of the sourcing process (design, selection, contracting, transition, operation)
  • ITSM tool evaluation (glenfisPassed, official ITIL® endorsement)
  • ITSM tool evaluation - from list of requirements, to integration aspects, through to complete tendering for and selection of the tool provider
  • ITSM solution analysis (governance, process support, operating concept, strategic positioning)
  • ITSM tool integration/migration and implementation

Learn about how your IT can be successfully orientated towards the business strategy. How services can be efficiently sourced and managed, what decisions have to be taken with regard to service & sourcing strategies, architecture and process control and much more. Contact your Glenfis expert now.

Business Relationship Management:
Implementation and integration

The Business Relationship Management (BRM) acts as navigator, connector and orchestrator in order to generate maximum value for the company, taking into account the existing provider capabilities.

BRM is a capability of the service provider organisation and is responsible for the creation of a good relationship between business and service provider on the strategic, tactical and even the operational level. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the needs and innovations of the business and for these to be implemented on a timely basis in the services provided. The delivery of transparent added value (value creation) from the viewpoint of the business, minimising value leakages and achieving customer satisfaction, are the overriding objectives which the Business Relationship Management seeks to achieve.

We will help you to develop the Business Relationship Management in your organisation and to integrate it into every phase of the service life-cycle to ensure you continue to generate value and achieve customer satisfaction.

We have a comprehensive and integrated range of services to support you in this:

  • Development of a Business Relationship Management function
  • Coaching for a prospective Business Relationship Manager
  • Teaching techniques for managing relationships, Service Portfolio Management and Business Transition Management
  • Design and implementation of BRM processes such as voice of the business, demand management, service reviews, dealing with complaints, customer satisfaction surveys

Get an independent, transparent and granular assessment of the current "capabilities" within your organisation. And take advantage of our broadly-based expertise, comparability and benchmarking, planning certainty and effective process optimisation. Contact your Glenfis expert now.

Security, Privacy & Cyber Resilience:
Implementation and integration

In addition to the undoubted major benefit, network penetration also unfortunately brings with it a hidden threat. Gaps in the security and careless action by the user can be exploited by criminal elements and lead to a serious loss of data and damage to systems, which in turn can ultimately even threaten the survival of the company.

This is why secure protection for processes and data of relevance to the company has become a crucial strategic topic.

The requirements which the business places on IT security range from the definition of acceptable levels of security for passing on information, the authorisation to read or change data, through to the prevention of potential external attacks. Nevertheless, data and information has to be available to all authorised internal and external stakeholders and must comply with the increasingly more stringent laws and regulations. At the same time, protection for data and systems must be available at justifiable cost.

We will help you to define and implement an appropriate cyber, information security and IAM concept (Identity und Access Management), to accurately classify your corporate values and to develop a Risk Management System geared towards the needs of the business - through to readiness for ISO27001 certification.

Cyber security should become a permanent, integral part of your information security concept and be implemented and maintained within the context of the organisation. To this end, we link the strategic orientation together with the operating practices and activities in the day-to-day business.

The integrated service offering includes:

  • Creation of a security strategy and data protection concept in accordance with the DSGVO/GDPR
  • Taking over the role of data protection officer in your organization (DPO)
  • Creation of an information processing inventory
  • Design and implementation of data protection processes in accordance with the DSGVO/FDPIC
  • ISMS design and implementation
  • Support in the implementation of a service management system conforming to ISO27001, including scoping, selection of certification body and audit
  • Cyber security concept and implementation
  • Cloud security concept based on ISO27017 and ISO27018
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM), access control mechanism (RBAC, ABAC), management of privileged accounts and identities

The roadmap will give you transparency in the logical dependency of the work packages and your precise workload. It will also reveal what support and coaching is required through Glenfis. Find out more from your Glenfis expert.

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