The surest way of putting IT governance lastingly on the right track is to know how this is achieved.

In the future, company IT will increasingly function the link between companies and external cloud- and service providers. Thereby, it will be essential to possess a thorough and in-depth understanding of IT management. At Glenfis, the practice-oriented lessons based on internationally recognised best practice frameworks and standards teach you the competencies that are needed to integrate and apply IT governance in the corporate structure.

Cloud computing and sourcing governance

Fundamentals, procedures and best practice recommendations for the planning, implementation and management of cloud- and sourcing concepts. More…

Cyber- and information security management

Fundamentals of risks preventive measures regard to cyber security; integration of the information security management System (ISMS). More…

IT governance and -assessment

Achieving business objectives through IT governance, minimisation of risks, optimisation of resources, measurement of process maturity. More…

Agile methods and DevOps

Application of dynamic approaches towards the development of improved and precise solutions in quicker cycles, as well as smooth integration with production. More…

Service management

Mediation of best practice recommendations and standards to enbable you and your team to perform reliable and value-added services. More…

Architecture management

Fundamentals and concepts in the definition and maintenance of business, applications, data and infrastructure architectures. More…

Project management

Methods and procedures to ensure that your projects achieve their goals and that budget resources and deadlines are met at all times. More…

Training methods

At the glenfisAcademy, we transform knowledge into competence. Theoretical training in sourcing- and IT governance frameworks serves as a solid foundation, giving you practice-oriented knowledge and skills that you need to implement a functioning service organisation for your business. At the glenfisAcademy, you receive the training modules that are required for a practical and well-founded deployment. Of course, we will help you to pass the necessary certificates. Throughout, the Glenfis training is first and foremost about practical utilisation and direct application. Our training thus comprises communicative, dialogue-oriented interactions - from practitioner to practitioner, on an equal footing.



Best practise-based eLearning modules enable modern learning with the most up-to-date approaches in didactics, pedagogy and ergonomics - anywhere, anytime, flexible. More...


Public seminars

Seminars with optimally-configured all-round support. Registration, certification administration, catering, seminar documentation and progress reviews are all taken care of by Glenfis. More...


In-house seminars

Tailored and target-oriented training, directly at your location. Joint target definition and selection of most efficient course method, support in the implementation of knowledge gained in the organisation. More...


Accreditations and quality seals

All of our courses are based on internationally recognised standards and best practice models. Our company, all instructors and training materials are regularly assessed and authenticated by the respective accreditation bodies.

Glenfis organises all certification examinations and supervises their completion. In this way, trainees can focus on the course material, while we take care of the rest.

Trainings with quality seals

Benefit from the best of the best - with accredited trainings of glenfisAcademy. Knowledge and experience for you with proof of quality. More...

Course venue

Our public training sessions take place directly on the premises in Glenfis’ own classrooms. You get to know us at our place of work and see how we operate. This provides opportunities for spontaneous conversations and the exchange of experience with our experts. The training room is optimally configured to allow you to concentrate on the course and materials without distraction. We also take care of healthy catering and even invite you for lunch. In this way, we hope to create stimulating atmosphere for professional exchange with colleagues from other companies.

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