The best consulting is based on understanding your IT requirements and our proven and tested approach.

IT infrastructures and the scope of applications are increasingly being made available in hybrid environments in conjunction with professional service providers. Glenfis points you to opportunities and possibilities in your IT organisation and your IT management.

Value Chain Operating Model: Assessment & Roadmap

Conducting an assessment as a starting point for the formulation of actual sourcing and service management strategies and operating concepts. For positioning your organisation as a qualified, forward-looking and agile Service Provider - through to readiness for certification. More…

Business Relationship Management: Assessment & Roadmap

Analysis of the current business - IT alignment.
Identify the potential and solution approaches for improving the relationship between the business and the service providers to jointly deliver the required value added.. More…

Security, Privacy & Cyber Resilience: Assessment & Roadmap

Analysis of the current status of the information security and data protection in your organisation, including the entire service supply chain, including the participating sourcing and cloud providers. Identifying methods of implementation through to readiness for certification. More…

Value added

In the course of our consulting services, you receive a roadmap that serves as a reference guide and is a valuable monitoring tool in all ongoing steps towards the establishment of a mature IT organisation.

Value Chain Operating Model: Assessment & Roadmap

The major challenge currently faced by IT is to deliver sustainable value (Value of Investment, VOI) and to make a sustainable contribution to efficiency and effectiveness in order to secure the company's long-term success.

That will be achieved with the creation of a dedicated Target Operating Model (TOM). The TOM - or better named as Value Chain Operating Model - includes a governance model that supports the changes in the company and in this way ensures the digital future.

At the same time, this must ensure adherence to compliance standards , guaranteed availability and stability and the provision of cost transparency and cost controls. Other key factors are multi-layer security requirements and the cost-efficient handling of the increasing complexity.

In order to meet these challenges and to start with the corresponding initiatives , Glenfis offers you an integrated range of consulting services:

  • Positioning of your IT within the company (IT strategy)
  • Analysis of the existing governance model for controlling the corporate IT
  • Assessment and formulation of a roadmap for an agile service management
  • Development of a service management strategy
  • Development of a cloud sourcing strategy
  • Development of a Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) Strategy
  • ITSM tool assessment for acknowledgement of the ITIL conformity (glenfisPassed)
  • Assessment of the tool architecture and the use of the ITSM tool with regard to strategy, process support, operating concept and technology (amongst other things, on the basis of IT4IT)
  • Readiness checks in preparation for ISO/IEC 20000 certification
  • Quality review sourcing, ISMS and ITSM processes as part of a regular audit service
  • Multi-provider management concept: SIAM Service and Integration Management Strategy
  • Tool architecture review based on the IT4IT reference architecture
  • Leadership concept and cockpit for control based on best practice frameworks and standards
  • Definition of roadmaps for the implementation of the Sourcing & Service Management Strategy, including the work packages, resource and deadline planning required for this purpose
  • Definition of a sourcing governance framework with the artefacts for sourcing processes required for this purpose (incl. processes, roles and responsibilities)
  • Definition of an agile service management framework with the artefacts for ITSM processes required for this purpose (incl. processes, roles and responsibilities)

Learn about how your IT can be successfully orientated towards the business strategy. How services can be efficiently sourced and managed, which decisions have to be made with regard to service & sourcing strategies, architecture and process control. Contact your Glenfis expert now.

Business Relationship Management: Assessment & Roadmap

The convergence between business and IT is increasingly becoming the critical success factor . The Business Relationship Management ensures that business and IT strategy are aligned and that the IT can develop from being a classic service provider into a strategic partner for the business.

How effective is the business in being able to realise maximum value from the capabilities of the IT organisation? On what level of maturity is the relationship between business and IT? How effective is the IT in enabling the business to achieve its goals? Are the right skills available for operating an effective Business Relationship Management?

Where is there a need for action in your company? To answer these questions the transparent analysis of the status quo is just as important as defining goals, exploring suitable roles and identifying any obstacles at an early stage.

We have a comprehensive and integrated range of services to support you in this:

  • Assessment of the demand maturity
  • Assessment of the relationship maturity
  • Assessment of the provider capability maturity
  • Assessment of the BRM expertise

Get an independent, transparent and granular assessment of the current «capabilities» within your organisation. And take advantage of our broadly-based expertise, comparability and benchmarking, planning certainty and effective process optimisation. Contact your Glenfis expert now.

Security, Privacy & Cyber Resilience: Assessment & Roadmap

The complexity and scope of the threats and attacks in cyberspace are increasing on a massive scale. Based on this, security concepts have to become more sophisticated in these increasingly services provided for multiple external partners.

In this area of our consulting services, the path is actually the goal. We will help you to gain transparency in the security, privacy and cyber resilience solutions in your company and to get a roadmap that shows you the way ahead for meeting your company's security requirements.

Focusing on what is feasible and guided by the basic principle of "less is more", this roadmap concentrates your strengths, defines manageable, staged objectives and enables you to successfully realise your information security and data protection objectives. This avoids friction with stakeholders, sponsors and key people in your company, guaranteeing a seamless transformation.

The following consulting services will show you the way to increase information security in your company:

  • Positioning your Information Security within the company (Security Strategy)
  • Information Security assessment
  • Analysis of the situation with the provisions of data protection (inventory, processes, responsibilities with regard to DSGVO, GDPR)
  • Identification of sensitive data and critical systems
  • Analysis of existing Business and IT Service Continuity concepts, including crisis and contingency organisation
  • Readiness checks in preparation for ISO/IEC 27001 certification
  • Development of a roadmap for meeting the information security and/or data protection requirements (DSGVO, GDPR)
  • Quality review of ISMS and data protection processes as part of a regular audit service
  • Definition of an ISMS framework tailored to your company's requirements

The roadmap gives you transparency in the logical dependency of the work packages and your precise workload. It will also reveal what support and coaching is required through Glenfis. Find out more from your Glenfis expert.

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